Update NeuroVisual

Release 8 september 2023

Changes in versions 6.0.0 - 6.0.4

* Release 6.0.0. Statistic investigation - extra Reports
* Release 6.0.1. Max Session duration from 60 -> 165 minutes
* Release 6.0.2. CSV file conversion Error year 2023
* Release 6.0.3. Settings: Choose Color-Scheme identical to MindMonitor
* Release 6.0.3. Settings File: Choose a different Data-Folder
* Release 6.0.4. Statistical Analysis: improve calculation symmetry and ratio's

Update Instructions

Use this update only if you have Version 5.3.0 or higher already installed on your PC.
This update contains only a new engine (*.exe)

Download update V6.0.4 (Zip format)
To install the update
* Go (with the explorer) to your \NeuroVisual folder
* Rename the old NeuroVisual.exe into something else
* Download and unzip NeuroVisual_Update_V604
* Copy content NeuroVisual.exe (and others files) to NeuroVisual folder

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