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My goal was to devellop neurofeedback software with equipment that is affordable to most people. After comparing several EEG-devices my choise was the Muse Headband with 4 channels and dry electrodes. It cost around $300 and is easy to use.

About the App

With NeuroVisual you can visualize EEG brainwaves in real time, display different graphs, do neurofeedback sessions and make a recording which you can analyse afterwards. The App works with Windows-7-10

To stream data from the MUSE headband to your PC you have to use the MindMonitor App on a android smartphone (15$). Until 1-1-2023 all MUSE-headband-versions connects well to MindMonitor and NeuroVisual.

Video that show possibiliy's

This video shows possibility's of release 5.2.
If the video does not open or stays to small then click here

Download Instructions

Since virusscanners and Windows don't know the App they will give a warning but the App is absolute save!

Read Instructions before you continue
Download complete NeuroVisual V6.0.0
Update if you already use V5.3 or higher
If you are already using NeuroVisual and your version is previous to V5.3 then:
* Rename your current folder to for example NeuroVisual-previous
* Install the complete version 6.0.0
* Copy your recorded files from \previous\data folder to NeuroVisual\data

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